Network of Skilled Nursing Facilities

Comprehensive Post-Acute Network was organized in 2007 and includes more than 300 skilled nursing facilities in the State of Ohio and in select markets in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. Our services and programs are designed to meet the unique challenges of the growing managed care population and to preserve the health and quality of care delivered by these facilities, including:

  • Contract Facilitation
  • Case Management
  • Credentialing
  • Comprehensive Post Acute Transition Program
  • Hospital Partnerships
  • Readmission to Hospital Program

Our leadership is partner-driven, made up of a seven-member executive committee supervising our strategic direction and business plans. Our Vice President oversees day-to-day operations and leads a team of skilled case managers and support staff. CPAN is actively recruiting new facilities and skilled nursing home group partners to participate in contracts and to utilize case management services. Our network offers our partners direct access to managed care plans, including state-specific plans such as MyCare Ohio. Our business model provides a user-friendly approach to managed care, and our Quality Initiatives are featured by the Ohio Department of Aging.


We understand that you need an answer quickly, and our team is committed to meeting your needs quickly and efficiently.

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Comprehensive Solutions

As a network built by providers, we are here to meet your needs and offer the services that will help you compete.


Quality Initiatives

Our programs are designed to support your efforts to improve quality care and patient outcomes.



Clear Communication

We know that you value clear communication and documentation, and our processes are designed to make that happen.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a provider network that offers excellent customer service, contract access and case management services that will allow our providers to compete in a highly challenging health care marketplace.

Request Information

For more information, please contact Lisa Cowden, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at 513.777.2371, ext. 1025, or

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