Carol Turni

Chief Executive Officer
513.777.2371 Ext. 1013

  • Network Operations
  • Managed Care Contracts
  • Payer Relations
  • Network Development
  • Finance

Lisa Cowden

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
513.777.2371 Ext. 1025

  • Business Development
  • New Partner Services
  • Training & CEU Presentation
  • Partner Support
  • Hospital Post Acute Transition Program

Glenda Suarez, RN, CMCN

Vice President for Case Management
513.777.2371 Ext. 1011

  • Case Management Operations
  • Case Issues/Concerns
  • Payer Relations
  • Acute In-patient Rehabilitation Program
  • Hospital Post Acute Transition Program

Monica Fasoldt, LPN, CMCN

Assistant Director of Case Management
513.777.2371 Ext. 1017

  • Case Issues/Concerns
  • Pre-certification Processes
  • MyCare Ohio Questions/Resources
  • Acute In-patient Rehabilitation Program
  • Hospital Post Acute Transition Program

Kim Davis

Executive Director of Network Services
513.777.2371 Ext. 1010

  • Administration Services
  • Claims & Billing
  • Information Technology

Chera Osborne

Directory of Quality Initiative
513.777.2371 Ext. 1015

  • Development of Quality Initiatives

Pre-Certs / Authorizations

Monica Davis

Assist. Director of Case Management/Hospital Pre-cert CM

513-777-2371, ext. 1017

Kathy Burger

Case Manager – CPAT Program
(Hospital Partners)

513-777-2371, ext. 1021

Gina Geier

Pre-cert Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1016

Nikki Hightower

Case Manager

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513-777-2371, ext. 1160

Toni Meinert

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext 1159

Shirley Scott

Pre-cert Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1090

Janet Trivett

Pre-cert Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1023

After Hours:

For assistance with admissions after hours and or weekends please contact a CPAN CM at: 513-482-0805

Pre-cert Requests:

Scan Referrals for Pre-cert to:
or fax to: 513-777-2372


Scan Updates to:
or fax to: 513-777-2372

Management Team

Carol Turni
Network Operations and Contracting

513-777-2371, ext. 1013

Lisa Cowden
V.P. of Strategic Partnerships
Partner Service Questions/Issues
Mycare Ohio


Glenda Suarez
V.P. of Case Management
Case Management Process Isues

513-777-2371, ext. 1012

Kim Davis
Director of Network Services
Billing/Claims Issues

513-777-2371, ext. 1010

Jennifer Coyle RN, BSN
Director of Quality Initiatives
Readmission to Hospital Program

513-777-2371, ext. 1015

On-Going Reviews

Crystal Alexander

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1019

Karen Colbert

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1126

Ellen Jones

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1091

Danyelle Julius

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1163

Najma Rizwan

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1164

Brenda Roper

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1018

Allison Talbert

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1092

Wanda Welke

Case Manager

513-777-2371, ext. 1162


Vicki Connell

Admin Support

513-777-2371, ext. 1127

Brett Cunningham

Executive Network Asst.

513-777-2371, ext. 1166

Amber Moses

Network Coord. Asst.

513-777-2371, ext. 1020

Stephanie Prewitt

Network Coord. Asst.

513-777-2371, ext. 1022

Karla Reeves

Credentialing Specialist

513-777-2371, ext. 1012

Marquitta Ringer

Network Care Coordinator

513-777-2371, ext. 1155

Enjale Sims

Care Coordinator

513-777-2371, ext. 1153

Charlette Smith

Network Coord. Asst.

513-777-2371, ext. 1024

Ronda Spears

Admin Asst

513-777-2371, ext. 1128

Gwen Tillery

Network Coord. Asst.

513-777-2371, ext. 1129

Tamika Todd

Care Coordinator

513-777-2371, ext. 1151

Margaruiete Williams

Network Coord. Asst.

513-777-2371, ext. 1042

Crystal Wilson

Care Coordinator

513-777-2371, ext. 1154

Network Support Team

Billing/Claims Support
513.777.2371 Ext. 1010

Network Coordinator

Karla Bess
513.777.2371 Ext. 1012

  • Verification of admission and discharge dates
  • Final Billing
  • Credentialing


We understand that you need an answer quickly, and our team is committed to meeting your needs quickly and efficiently.


Comprehensive Solutions

As a network built by providers, we are here to meet your needs and offer the services that will help you compete.


Quality Initiatives

Our programs are designed to support your efforts to improve quality care and patient outcomes.



Clear Communication

We know that you value clear communication and documentation, and our processes are designed to make that happen.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a provider network that offers excellent customer service, contract access and case management services that will allow our providers to compete in a highly challenging health care marketplace.

Request Information

For more information, please contact Lisa Cowden, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at 513.777.2371, ext. 1025, or

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