Managing Quality and Care Through Our Hospital Program

CPAN works to assist hospital discharge planners in transitioning patients and their families from one location to another.

With skilled nursing facilities across the state of Ohio – in rural, urban and suburban locations – and a diverse offering of services, there is likely a facility in the network that will fit your patient’s needs.

Our online database lists facilities that organizes current information about services offered, contracts accepted and geographic locations in real time.

Our Services

Statewide nursing facilities:

  • Located in rural, urban, and suburban locations
  • Assist with search inside online database
  • Current information about services offered
  • Contracts accepted
  • Geographic information


Experienced Team:

  • Assisting with admissions and referrals 24/7
  • Believes in philosophy that proactive planning is the key to success
  • Guiding providers as they move patients through the continuum of care


Case Management:

Continued management improves patient flow in the following ways:

  • Provides seamless care
  • Prevents readmission
  • Improves management of complex patients
  • Increases patient, family, and staff satisfaction
  • Ensures a safe discharge to a lower level of care


The Comprehensive Post-Acute Transition Program (CPAT)

The Comprehensive Post-Acute Transition program is designed to improve patient quality of care by ensuring an efficient and seamless transition between care settings.

With our CPAT program we want to remove all barriers to discharge for managed care patients being transferred from the acute setting to a skilled nursing facility.

This program came together in order to better oversee the hospital to SNF pre-certification process for managed care patients. In the past, this process was not controlled or monitored to allow for an efficient pre-certification and transition to SNF.

As a result, SNF’s would not admit or provide services to patients prior to the completion of pre-certification leading to inefficient patient transfers.


CPAT will remove the following barriers with our program:

  • Time spent waiting for case information to be submitted to CPAN from the SNF
  • CPAN case managers can access the clinical data in real time to move the case to the payer for determination more timely.
  • Unnecessary communication between the SNF and hospital discharge planners on building the case and or collecting updated clinical data.


We understand that you need an answer quickly, and our team is committed to meeting your needs quickly and efficiently.


Comprehensive Solutions

As a network built by providers, we are here to meet your needs and offer the services that will help you compete.


Quality Initiatives

Our programs are designed to support your efforts to improve quality care and patient outcomes.



Clear Communication

We know that you value clear communication and documentation, and our processes are designed to make that happen.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a provider network that offers excellent customer service, contract access and case management services that will allow our providers to compete in a highly challenging health care marketplace.

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