At CPAN, we offer our members frequent training opportunities, from new member orientation to workshops on collecting appropriate documentation to fulfill contract requirements.

CPAN provides CEU presentations for our partners and hospitals as requested. Our CEU presentations include but are not limited to discharge planning, MyCare Ohio, reducing readmissions to hospitals and more.


We explain how our processes work, how we help you, when to call us and who to call.

A detailed provider guide is supplied along with required documentation by payers to fulfill their requirements, appropriate and timely updates and initial pre-certs.

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MyCare Ohio

Measurements of quality outcomes is critical within MyCare Ohio. CPAN is assisting members with this transition and educating our team and partners with information critical to case management.

Ongoing support, training and updates are provided by our team.

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We understand that you need an answer quickly, and our team is committed to meeting your needs quickly and efficiently.


Comprehensive Solutions

As a network built by providers, we are here to meet your needs and offer the services that will help you compete.


Quality Initiatives

Our programs are designed to support your efforts to improve quality care and patient outcomes.



Clear Communication

We know that you value clear communication and documentation, and our processes are designed to make that happen.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a provider network that offers excellent customer service, contract access and case management services that will allow our providers to compete in a highly challenging health care marketplace.

Request Information

For more information, please contact Lisa Cowden, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at 513.777.2371, ext. 1025, or

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