The Comprehensive Post-Acute Transition Program

The Comprehensive Post-Acute Transition (CPAT) program is designed to improve patient quality of care by ensuring an efficient and seamless transition between care settings.

With our CPAT program we remove all barriers to discharge for managed care patients being transferred from the acute setting to a skilled nursing facility.

CPAT accelerates discharges by providing direct contact with hospitals, as well as access to EMR’s and referral management submissions. In turn, we improve hospital efficiency by minimizing calls and disruption to staff.

The CPAT program has been largely successful and it continues to grow.

Hassles And Barriers CPAN Removes

  • Time spent waiting for case information to be submitted to CPAN from the SNF
  • Delays. CPAN case managers access the clinical data in real-time to move the case to the payor for determination more quickly
  • Unnecessary communication between the SNF and hospital discharge planners on building the case or collecting updated clinical data

Benefits of Joining The CPAT Program

When it’s time to move an acute patient from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility, CPAN will help you find the best facility with the required services. CPAN makes this transition as seamless as possible by removing barriers to discharge.

We understand the value of clear communication and documentation, and our processes are designed to make that happen.

We improve hospital efficiency by minimizing calls and disruption to staff.